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Meet The TACWD Team!

Town and Country Web Design is a family-owned and operated business. We have a wide range of IT and business experience to bring to the table when designing your site.

Our business also has a good balance of experience and some fresh young blood to keep abreast of new technology and innovative changes.

When required we source other IT professionals from around the globe to contribute their skills to our projects.

We're Local

We are based in Highfields, Queensland and love to build websites for local businesses in the Highfields, Toowoomba and Darling Downs region –  but due to the online nature of our business, we are able to work with clients in the local area or remote locations.

Did you know that the founders of TownAndCountryWebDesign grew up in, and met in, the beautiful town of Crows Nest?

We both went to Crows Nest State School and also got married in Crows Nest!

We have always loved and held a very special place in our heart for the beautiful little Queensland town of Crows Nest.

We also both grew up in small family businesses in Crows Nest (and Hampton).

As locals, we understand locals, and the importance of local support for local businesses to survive and thrive.

We are delighted to now be building websites for, and still supporting, businesses in Crows Nest, and in other delightful towns that over many years we have lived in, work in, and otherwise embraced in our beloved Toowoomba Region.

We have also significantly invested in numerous other local communities as well.

In fact, we have personally either lived in, worked in, volunteered in and/or invested in our own family businesses or real estate in numerous regions, including, but not limited to, Toowoomba, Goondiwindi, South Burnett, North Burnett, Wide Bay, Western Downs, Ipswich and Brisbane.

At every opportunity, we strive and love to invest in our own local community, and support other local communities as well.

We’d be thrilled if you choose to support us too, and in doing so, allow us to help you “Be Discovered, wherever you are!”



Founder & CEO

Adam has a long history in business and IT. He first worked as a programmer, software change control manager and then as a systems administrator. He later started his own business and has managed home renovations and rentals as well as continuing with IT Contracting intermittently during this time.

He has a passion for real estate in all its forms and loves brainstorming business ideas and methods to improve existing businesses.

Kathryn TACWD


Business Analyst

Kathryn has over 25 years of IT experience, beginning in programming and later moving into a Business Analysis role. She has a passion for working with businesses to produce clean and effective websites to support and enhance their business goals.

In her spare time, she enjoys sampling the local fares in Darling Downs cafes and walking and scootering in the Highfields and Toowoomba area.


Designer & Developer

As well as developing websites, Samuel has experience in a range of digital platforms and brings a wealth of knowledge in specific digital platforms.  He has a keen mind for innovative digital ideas.

In his spare time, Samuel enjoys soccer and keeping fit.


Designer & SEO Expert

From a young age, Liam has had a burning passion for digital marketing, web design, development and SEO. 

When Town and Country Web Design was founded, Liam was invited to join the TACWD team as a web specialist due to his expertise in multiple digital areas.

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